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Khóa 1104 series

Thương hiệu: Yeeka
Loại: Khác
Mã sản phẩm: 1104 series

Hotline hỗ trợ: 0989251000

ItemRod control swinghandle

Meterial & Surface treatment

Black PA housing,zinc die handle powder coated,zinc die shaft and rod control,m.s. zinc plated flat rods

QTY:50 pcs per box.




ApplicationsSwitchgear Panel, Electric Cabinets,Telecommunication Cabinets,Machine Equipments,ATM Machine,Automotive,Electronic Enclosures,Industrial Enclosure,HVAC,Trucks and etc.


YEEKA – Global Industrial hardware supplier, Providing high quality

locking and hinging access control systems and components for:  

-Electrical Cabinets and Enclosures
-IT & Network enclosure
-Industrial Machine Equipment       
-Automotive Industry
-ATM & Vending Machine
-Food industry Equipment
Act Locally, Service wordwide.
Now Yeeka products are widely used by the customer in more than 30 countries
and regions.
A new ,but innovative & Flourishing company has been acquainted rapidly by the
customer and market.






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