This is our 1500 V DC product range for utility scale PV installations

This is our 1500 V DC product range for utility scale PV installations

According to International Energy Agency, renewable energy worldwide demand will increase about 1% from 2019 levels by the end of this year, while renewable electricity generation will grow nearly 5% even though Covid‑19 crisis. In doing so, renewables will reach 30% of electricity supply globally. Moreover, solar PV is set to increase the fastest of all renewable energy sources in 2020.

These data confirm that, despite the current situation that the whole world is going through, photovoltaics will continue being a source with an important projection. Something that marks a new challenge for the sector: we must accompany the development of utility scale PV installations with innovative, efficient and everlasting technologies.

This approach is precisely what has led us to acquire precise expertise in the development of switching and protection solutions for DC. Among them, our 1500 V DC switches for combiner boxes and inverters stand out. Manufactured with high safety self- extinguishing materials, our full product range provides an excellent level of electrical insulation, low smoke emissions and high resistance to electromechanical stress.

S6N DC series
  • 1P+1P | From 125 A up to 400 A | 1500 V DC21B
  • Switch-disconnector with a back to back arrangement and available in different configurations.

S5M DC y S5N DC series

  • 4P+4P | From 500 A up to 1800 A | 1500 V DC21B
  • Switch-disconnectors with parallel arrangement and addressed to solutions that require a high amperage.

S6R series

  • 1P & 2P | From 200 A up to 500  | 1500 V DC21B
  • 1P & 2P | From 200 A up to 400 A | 1500 V UL98B
  • High performance switch-disconnector equipped with SERPA TEC patented technology, that prevents electrical arc damage to the main contacts and maintain a stable resistance.  Bridging links and heat sinks are not required, so it offers a quick installation. It is available in different configurations.

If you wish further information about our 1500 V DC product range, do not hesitate to contact with our Export Sales Department.