SACOM's Message

In line with the business philosophy of Mr. Inamori Kazuo - General Director of Kyocera Corporation and President of Japan Airway, I also think that THE PURPOSE OF BUSINESS IS LOOKING FOR HAPPY TO ALL EMPLOYEES ON MATERIALS AND BELIEFS; AND CONTRIBUTION TO THE DEVELOPMENT OF SOCIAL AND HUMANITY.

The happiness for all of our employees, both materially and spiritually, that we aim for is economic fulfillment and stability, and spiritual wealth that we achieve when we find meaning in life and at work through expressing oneself at work.

In addition, we always cultivate our technical capabilities to constantly bring great products to the market. By doing so, our company will contribute to the advancement of science and technology, continuously increasing profits and paying more taxes. Through this, we will contribute to the growth of social welfare.

To achieve such business goals, with our own strength, we will have to help SACOM  continuously develop and build a company that every employee can safely assige their future for it.

SACOM's business philosophy is a guideline for action, a standard of thinking for us to live a wonderful life, which we need to understand and apply.

Mr. Pham Hong Mien - Managing Director