New S7 Series- High performance switch-disconnector

The photovoltaic market has experienced a constant growth in the past years, and the forecasts suggest that this trend will continue with even greater intensity. Solar energy in large plants has a lower cost than other generation alternatives, which eases its consolidation. It also must be considered that the sun is a clean, flexible and everlasting source, something essential to address some of the challenges that we have to face as a society, such as the climate change or the sustainable management of natural resources.

Given this approach, there is a need for the industry to support this growth with new, more competitive and efcient technologies. This is what we understand in Telergon, and that is why we have developed a new high performance switch-disconnector capable of reaching 400 A - 1500 Vdc (750 Vdc per pole): the new S7. Based on the innovative Magic patented technology, S7 is the result of years of research of our R&D team and the expertise provided by our successful experience being the preferred DC switch-disconnector supplier for solar plants since 2007


  • Maximized electrical performance

Effective breakdown: rotary, double per pole and at high-speed.

Contact resistance is kept unchanged throughout operations thanks to a fully optimized rotary break that restricts contact wear. Thermal performance and power losses are therefore stable over time.

  • High safety level

Fast breaking is ensured by a powerful spring mechanism.

Movable magnets improve arc extinction, creating a rotating magnetic field.

  • Suitable for extreme environments

Designed for having an excellent performance even in severe conditions.

High temperature withstand, with no derating up to 70 ºC.

  • Compact design: 400A - 1500 Vdc in a 2 pole device with a small
  • Longer life: Fast breaking capacity helps to reduce the contact wear and, consequently, ensures a longer life.
  • Easy to install

A reduced footprint, multiple mounting configurations and a non-polarized wiring all help to reduce installation time and space.

All mounting orientations are possible.

Electrical spacings are thoughtfully over engineered, resulting in an upgraded wiring space.

Captive nut allows for a one-handed wire installation process.

Bridging links are not required, avoiding potential hot spots and simplifying the installation in cost and time.

This is our new S7! 400 A -1500 Vdc on a pure 2P DC switch