Multi Function Meter

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Multi Function Meter Elite300

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Connection type Common product for 1P2W / 3P3W / 3P4W applications
Measuring voltage range 20 V to 500 V
Nominal voltage range (U n) 57.5 V to 250 V (phase to neutral) | 100 V to 415 V (phase to phase)
Over voltage 150% of U n continuous
Measuring voltage range 50 mA to 6A
Nominal voltage range (U n) 1 A or 5 A
Overload 150% of I ncontinuous
Frequency range 45 to 65 Hz
Power factor 0.1 lag - Unity - 0.1 lead (for I n and U n)
Short- time over current 120 A for 1 sec
Auxiliary power supply range 40 to 300 V AC/DC
Accuracy Class
Voltage, current ±0.5% FS
Power ±0.5% FS (at unity PF)
Power factor ±2º
Frequency ±0.1Hz
Active energy Class 1.0 (acc. to IEC 62053-21) Class 1.0 (acc. to IEC 62053-21)
Class 0.5s (acc. to IEC 62053-22)
Reactive energy Class 2 (acc. to IEC 62053-23)
Temperature coefficient Voltage, current : 0.05% / ºC
Voltage circuit <0.2 VA per phase
Current circuit 1 A : <0.1 VA per phase ; 5 A : <0.4 VA per phase
Auxiliary supply <1.5 VA
Auxiliary supply with comms & I/O <2 VA

The Elite series provides a multi-line digital platform for reliable
and accurate true-RMS measurement for three-phase electrical
It is available in two display types, LED display (Elite 100), and
LCD display (Elite 300), with MODBUS communications, pulse
output or alarm output as an option

Commercial and industrial sub-metering
Energy Management System (EMS) applications
Building management and monitoring systems (BMS)
High and medium voltage switchgear panels
Power control centre (PCC) panels
Motor control centre (MCC) panels
LV distribution panels
Control and relay panels
Automation and monitoring systems