Vendor: WONKE
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Model No.: JUK 3N
Body material: Anti Inflaming Nylon PA 66, Brass Bar
Connection method: Screw connection
Rated Voltage/Current: 800V/32A
Cross Section: 2.5mm²
Brand Name: WonkeDQ

Hotline: 0989251000
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Screw connection system JUK Proven “Safe “ “Reliable” offers an innovative line of feed-through and protective-earth terminals featuring the cross section from 1.5 to 240 mm2. The screw-connection terminal block  is easy to operate and can be used to establish a quick, safe connection using solid and finely stranded wires.

The screw terminal blocks are suitable to mount on standard 35mm DIN rails and are design to meet world's wide standards. Comes in different wire ranges: no need to do pre-treatment of the wire, even the stranded wire is accept. 

◆ The JUK universal screw terminal block series has the typical features which are decisive for practical applications.

◆ Made from industrial anti flaming nylon PA66, the electrical conductive bar made from nickle plated brass.

◆ Suitable for NS35 DIN rail, by snap on it.

◆ All types of accessories: End covers, End Stoppers, Partition plate, marker strips, fixed bridges, insertion bridges, etc