General introduction about materials and accessories for panel builders

With our vision and mission, SACOM believes and strives to develop into a leading corporation in trading and manufacturing equipment for the electrical panel builders in Vietnam. Ever since we was established in 2006, SACOM has co-operated with partners who are reputable brands in the world for panel builders. So far, SACOM has become the authorized distributor of brands below:

  • HENGZHU / China: locks, hinges, mechanical accessories
  • LINKWELL / China: fan, filter, terminal, etc
  • RCCN / China: wiring duct and cable accessories
  • SACOM rubber gasket: specialized gaskets are used for electrical cabinets designed by SACOM and OEM producing in a Chinese factory
  • FIBON / Malaysia: bus bar support
  • SALZER / China: indicator lights, push buttons, other accessories
  • BOLTS, SCREWS, ECU: specialized accessories for electrical cabinets

Materials, mechanical equipment and accessories for electrical panel are considered as traditional business of SACOM from the beginning. In addition to deploying products and developing the distribution market, SACOM is always looking for opportunities to cooperate with new partners to meet the market demand and requirements of customers. . The next product segments have been built more and more developed such as measuring equipment (Cewe-UK, Seucre-India), disconnector and control switches (Comeletric-Italy, Salzer-Germany), equipment for PV solar and ATS (Telergon-Spain) ....