ASPD 1500 VDC PV Surge Protection Device

Vendor: Adler
Type: Other

Name: ASPD 1500 VDC PV Surge Protection Device

Hotline: 0989251000
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  • Type 2 DC power surge protector for PV systems
  • Integrated status indicator window
  • Pre wired complete modular unit (consists of base unit and replaceable protection modules)
  • Maintenance-free, easily replaceable protection modules
  • High energy MOV's response time less than 25 Nano-seconds
  • Optional remote signal contacts for monitoring device
  • (floating changeover contacts FM can be installed)
  • DIN Rail mounting TH35- 7.5 / DIN35
  • Compatible with IEC 61643-31


ADLER’s ASPD Series PV DC Surge Protection Devices are designed and manufactured complying to PV standard IEC 61643-31. It is widely used in PV DC combiner boxes, inverters, controllers and DC cabinets. With a rated voltage of 1500 VDC and a maximum discharge current of 40 kA, the integrated high-energy varistor provides highly effective protection against lightning and surge voltages.