Noi Bai International Airport is an international airport with an important strategic position in Vietnam, in terms of capacity to serve up to 35 million passengers per year. Located 15km from Hanoi capital, Noi Bai airport is the gateway of trade, the transportation hub of Hanoi and surrounding areas. Enterprises have taken advantage of the large passenger traffic, the positive psychology of the passengers at the airport and the prime locations to increase the promotion of brand awareness. Nearby 20 years of experience in media advertising service, Bizman estimates that the airport advertising market is extremely effective for businesses and has received many positive feedback from customers.

Indeed, airport advertising targets a wide variety of target customers such as business people, directors, senior managers, business owners, members, staff,.This guest mostly has a selection such as average income or higher, high education, easy to receptive information around and highly ability to recognize brands.


Exp: Brand SACOM JSC - specializes in electrical equipment

According to the Vietnam Aviation Administration of Vietnam 2016-2019, each year there was 94,000,000 passengers with more than 800,000 flights. In particular, according to statistics, 92% of passengers have responded and interacted with the media on the airport. With more than 53% of them goes directly to the supplier's website, the remaining 47% searches the Internet for product information after viewing the airport advertisements. These are the numbers that prove the effectiveness of airport advertising.

Bizman's large Led screens are located in the most favorable areas and follow the customer walks from check-in hall, security control area, waiting room or public hall ...Its prime locations combined with unique marquette content will enhance the branding and affirm the position of the business in business. Here, Bizman has done brand advertising for many partners in the fields of Banking, Real Estate, Electrical Equipment, Furniture, Building Materials ...

According to statistics, up to 87% of international passengers regularly pay attention to the content advertised on Led screens broadcast at the airport. With TVC 15s-spot that will be played repeatedly many times a day, it is easy to impress and stimulate the consumption of target customers.

  • Outstanding technology with up to 178 degree viewing angles.
  • Experience the utmost in quality even when customers are in close proximity.
  • Harmonic brightness, customers can experience TVC for a long time without eyestrain.
  • Enterprises can change the marquette content to suit each media campaign.

Map of LED locations on domestic terminal, Noi Bai Airport

( Source & author: BIZMAN & Ms.Linh)