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Elite 100 & Elite 300 Multi-line three phase panel meter


Elite 100 & Elite 300 Multi-line three phase panel meter

 The Elite series is a multi-line three-phase digital panel meter for reliable and accurate true-RMS measurement of electrical parameters (voltage, current, power, frequency etc.) for industrial and commercial applications. It is available in two display types, LED display (Elite 100) and LCD display (Elite 300), with MODBUS communication, pulse output or alarm output as an option.


 Power meter Elite 300 / Elite 100 is manufactured by Secure Meters (Sweden), formerly a part of ABB group with the aim to meet the requirements of customers, giving top priority to Quality - Safety - Economy. With a wide range of products, Secure products will be suitable choice for factories, manufacturing machines, apartments, offices for rent, solar power, hydroelectricity, thermal power, household, etc.

For devices with Modbus RS485 communication, users can remotely monitor parameters, in many places, monitor in operating rooms without having to go directly to the installation site to see related parameters.

Elite 300 / Elite 100 is a power monitoring meter with many outstanding features compared to the products on the market but the price and quality competition is worth attention as:

  • User-friendly touch-sense keys for easy display access and configuration
  • Display of minimum and maximum values
  • Wide-range aux input makes it suitable for a variety of installation scenarios
  • High level of protection degree
  • Can set various alarm parameters V, I, HZ, W ...
  • Option for RS-485, pulse output or alarm output

Based on the circuits as well as products from the Secure Meters (Sweden) AB Group, formerly known as CEWE Instruments AB (renamed in 2017), is quite familiar to customers such as:

  • Prometer 100
  • Multifunction meter Elite 440
  • Position indicator PI29
  • Transducer DPT
  • Power quality management ProQ

Elite 300 / Elite 100 power meter is a new solution with leading advanced features compared to the current multi-function meter on the market, this is a good solution to meet the requirements Quality - Safety - Economical essential for electrical board.

HCM city, dated 17/5/2020

Author: Dao Duc Thinh –Technical Manager