Protection and isolation solutions for energy storage systems

Protection and isolation solutions for energy storage systems

The crisis caused by COVID-19 has drawn a new reality in which the decarbonisation of the economy could be one of the keys to build the future. To this end, it will be essential to further boost energy generation from renewable sources, where photovoltaics are one of the most competitive.

However, the sun is an intermittent source, so it is necessary to promote storage systems for the energy that is generated in excess when the sun is available in order to use it when the demand exceeds the generation capacity. A practice that on utility scale finds batteries one of its main allies.

For optimal and safe operation, these installations must incorporate solutions for protection and isolation in the BPU (Battery Protection Unit) and BCU (Battery Concentration Unit). An area in which at Telergon we offer an extensive experience thanks to our diverse and versatile product range:

S5 Series
  • 4P | Up to 2000 A | 1000 V DC21B
  • Switch-disconnectors with a wide range of currents and base mounting by screws.
S5N Series
  • 4P + 4P | Up to 1800 A | 1500 V DC21B
  • Back to back switch-disconnector with operating mechanism in front, arrangement to increase the number of available contacts.

S5 & S6 Series | Isolation only
  • 1P and 2P | From 160 A up to 3150 A | 1500 V DC20A
  • Non-load operation, easy to install and with the possibility of multy-circuit switching (up to 8).

If you wish further information about our product range for ESS applications, do not hesitate to contact with our Export Sales Department.